Interior Peace Zen Mind Living seeks to provide healing energy and wellness through holistic systems in harmony with our global environment, physical and spiritual beings.

We believe each one of us exists on multiple planes simultaneously, each a vibration at a different frequency, all intersecting at a nexus we call "now". We must nourish and maintain our physical body and our soul, and also nourish and maintain our spiritual body, as it is the conduit for divine energy from the source of all life, giving purpose and meaning to our corporal entities and "now".

We also believe in "free radical theory." When systems join, certain energy can be improperly assimilated and discharged as wild, dangerous particles that wreak havoc wherever they go. In color, lighting and nutrition these particles can cause sickness, disease and death. In physics they cause "nuclear explosions", in cosmology, "planet killing" meteors and astroids.

In the furtherance of our beliefs our primary focus, practice and products effect the flow of energy in these dynamically linked areas:

  • Color & Light; where we practice the art and science of selecting and applying color and light for your interior environment to enhance your physical health in alignment with your spiritual being, minimizing or eliminating the discharge of "free photons".
  • Nutrition; where we offer synergistic foods to aid your physical body in building healthly blood and tissues, boosting the immune system and increasing circulation of chi energy, offering increasing levels of wellness and a reversal of the aging process by mitigating "free radicals".

Please take your time in exploring each level of our work. We have worked mindfully to develop a detailed and coherent explanation of what we do, why we do it and how we can work with you to share our journey. Please feel free to contact us with your comments.