Our body needs the abundance of the earth, nature's fruits and vegetables, to nourish, defend and repair itself. We cannot thrive and achieve optimal health without vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements coverted from the light of the sun and the stones of the earth by plant life.

All peoples since before the beginning of our time have understood the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables, and even our modern, government appointed nutritionists recommend eating five to nine servings a day.

Finding the time to do what we know we should do, as opposed to what we actually do, is a daunting task. For far too many of us, eating servings of fruits and vegetables at least three times a day is nearly impossible.

Synergy’s Core Greens offer a simple solution that can provide the nourishment and protection your body needs for maximum wellness and continual vigor.

When mixed with 8 ounces of fresh water, Core Green provides a full days servings of green goodness -- a blend of grasses, avocado, cucumbers, okra, celery, parsley, spinach, kale, cabbage, tomatos, a variety of herbs and much more. The taste is like a light green tea -- refreshing and nourishing to the body, soul and spirit.

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