You make a conscious effort to live well, eat right, exercise and keep your life stress free and peaceful. You live mindfully, aware of your impact on our planet. You continually strive to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Our mission at INTERIOR PEACE Zen Mind Living is to assist you on your journey by mindfully working to create a physical environment to reflect the serenity and peace you visualize for all the world.

To accomplish our mission, we work with you to find your specific healing colors, frequencies and foods. Then, using holistic techniques which respect your physical, temporal and spiritual space, we provide concepts, materials and products to enhance the flow of beneficial energy and minimize (or eliminate) the impact of disruptive energy in your life.

All of our concepts, materials and products are designed to be harmonious with your health and well being, as well as our shared global environment.

We invite you to share in our mission by allowing us to assist you on your journey and sharing in our concepts and products. If you find value in what we are working to accomplish, please tell others about our approach to color, light and nutrition. If you wish to share further in our work, please contact us. We believe that through our work we are "being the change" and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.