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Your Customers Will See A New You ...

When they see your services on the world wide web. Your service business will be available to everyone, everywhere, and you will be able to do business wherever you choose. In this example, a Virginia based medical recruiting and placement firm
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was seeking to expand its business nationally, intending to use a website to allow both job seekers and recruiting agencies to review and post listings of positions available in various fields of medicine.

They contacted JS Design Group to design and build the site.

We designed and developed a site that would meet the needs of the recruiting company and also serve as a resource center for people looking to relocate or change positions in the medical profession. In addition to listing available positions and posting resumes in the various regions throughout the country there are professional development tools, educational links and even a quick lesson in building a personal website for job seekers, with links to all the needed tools.

The site is conservative and professional, simple to operate and even offers visitors the opportunity to choose the music they would like to listen to while viewing the site.

JS Design Group recognizes that not all businesses can be carried on over the internet, but that there are many local and regional companies who can dramatically expand their service area through the marketing of their services through a well designed web site.

JS Design has also developed many sites for other segments of the service industry. For some other examples, click on 'Real Estate', 'Gallery', or go though the other choices available to see what we have done and what we could do for you.

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