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Non-Profit Organization Questionaire

Tell Us About Yourself

What is your name?

What is the name of your group, organization or business?

Would you call yourself a 'decision maker' in your organization?

If 'YES', what is your title?

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Tell Us About Your Organization

What is your organization's 'product' or 'service'?

How long has your organization been in existence?

How are you organized? (Please Select One)

Do you have a written 'Mission Statement'?

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Tell Us About Your Marketing/Fundraising Program

Describe your marketing materials & program.
(Check as many as apply)

Not much
Some, but no overall, comprehensive package
Some nice things, but nothing comprehensive
Comprehensive written materials, but out of date
Up to date, comprehensive, quality written materials
We have a video

What mediums do you currently use in your marketing?
(Check as many as apply)

Personal Contacts
Direct Mail

What is the scope of your marketing campaign?

Regional (What Region? )
International (What Countries? )

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Tell Us What You Want From Your Website

Does your organization currently have a website?

If you do, what is the address?

If you have you seen a website(s) you really liked and said 'I wish we could have a site like that', please give us the address(s) if you have them, or the names of the companies or groups.

What is the main objective you hope to accomplish with your website?

What are the secondary objectives you hope to accomplish?

What do you estimate your organization can budget for the monthly expenses of maintaining your website?

What do you estimate your organization can budget for one time expenses involving the development of your website?

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Tell Us How To Contact You

How did you hear about us?

What is your e-mail address?

What is your phone number?

What is the best time to contact you (We are on Eastern Standard Time [US])?

Do you have another phone number?

What time should we contact you here?

What is your fax number?

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NOTE: This form is going to be submitted by e-mail. If your browser is set to a certain level of security it will warn you of that with a pop up box. If you don't get a warning box, you might want to think about resetting your browser to a higher level of security. You never know when you'll be at some site, press some button and voila, someone you don't know and you never intended to will have your e-mail address. Just a thought ...

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Thank you for your interest in JS Design Group. So that we can get an idea of what we can do for you, we have developed the attached short questionaire. Please take a moment to fill it in, as we ask only the information we need to intelligently answer your questions.

We want to know who you are and if you are a 'decision maker' in your organization. Please don't think we won't talk with you if you aren't. We understand people looking at our site are fellow 'early adapters', looking for ways to lead their organizations into the new world. If you are relaying information to someone else for their decision, we need to know so we can help you accomplish your goals, as well as help your organization accomplish theirs.

We need to know what your organization does. It helps to know the legal form of organization, so we can develop our thinking accordingly.

We also need to know about your opinion of your existing marketing materials and program. In the case of non-profits and many other organizations this could be your fundraising program. If you have a strong program in place, developing your website will be fairly simple. However, if you aren't happy with your program, or if you have outdated or non-existent materials, development could take a while.

It's helpful to see names, addresses or any information about websites you liked and thought appropriate for your group or organization. Complete URL's are great (http://www.etc.com), but with a company or group name, we can look up the site. Even a vague idea of what the site is about might be enough.

We also need to know what you think your website can do for you. Some think websites have magical qualities, others think them a waste of time and money. We must establish 'benchmarks' to determine when your site is a 'success' by your criteria.

It is also very helpful to see what you think would be the one time development and monthly recurring expenses of a website. While your investment in your site may be far less than you expect, if it is far more perhaps a different approach will be needed.

By the way, information you provide to us is confidential. We don't sell, rent or otherwise disemminate any information about potential or existing clients, except, with your permission, to use you as a reference, etc..

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