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Print Graphics

When we began our career graphic design was done by hand, with pen and ink. 'Type setting' was very expensive and unavailable in smaller markets. We would travel to the nearest big city to buy sheets of 'press on' type in order to get the look we wanted. At that time, computers operated on BASIC and Fortran, and it was unthinkable to use one to do graphic design.
Little Happy House
"Little Happy House"

Times have changed, but many designs still originate from pencil drawings on paper. At JS Design we do much of our design work on our computers, for web pages, but also create unique works for other mediums.

On this page we present a number of graphic design projects that were created from original artwork, as well as images that were manipulated from our original photographs. We can create graphics for you either way, and whether your project is for print or electronic media you can be confident that your job will be unique, attractive and effective.

Light Video Logo
Light Video Logo

A small satellite television retailer needed a logo, letterhead, sales brochure and a series of newspaper advertisements. They contacted JS Design and we designed a simple, clean package for them. Their logo communicates exactly the image they were seeking to project.


During the recession of the early '90's a long established real estate brokerage needed to boost sales. They contacted JS Design for a first time buyers program. We developed an entire program for the client, including all artwork, copy and the overall marketing plan. We created all logos, stationary, brochures, posters, reply mechanisms, newspaper and direct mail pieces, including letters and supporting collateral materials. The program resulted in over two hundred direct leads and helped reestablish the brokerage as a leader in its market area.

Welcome Home, America Brochure
Welcome Home, America Brochure

GPU Brochure
GPU Brochure
GPU Brochure

A local real estate broker approached us for assistance in developing a market in an exclusive area of a nearby village. This area of premier properties had been dominated by two local brokerages for decades, and it was tough on newcomers.

JS Design created a quarterly mailing program for the broker, sending high quality, informative real estate statistics and information to all residents of the area. The program resulted in the listing of a dozen waterfront and water view lots, and numerous other existing properties.


The Highlanders have been producing community musical theater in the area for over fifty years. For three years in the Mid '90s we created the program covers, advertising posters and other materials for the group.

It was a pleasure to support community theater by producing artworks to promote classic musicals such as Showboat, Fiddler on the Roof and South Pacific.

Showboat Program Cover
Showboat Program Cover

Newspaper Supplement
Newspaper Supplement,
Morin '84 State Rep Campaign


JS Design Group has worked on a number of political campaigns, creating everything from artwork for bumper stickers, buttons and stationary to full blown strategic plans with all supporting materials. To see the type of work we do in this area, select an item from the list.

As you can see, both our design and our political principles are conservative. This philosophy is, however, would be considered 'liberal' in the classic sense. We prefer to work for honest, ethical people who will do a good job for their constituents.

If you or someone you know is considering a run for elective office, contact JS Design to see what we can do for your campaign. All inquiries will considered confidential.

CD & Packaging Design

JS Design offers complete CD and Packaging Design, and through our technical partners, digital mastering and CD production. We can manipulate and/or arrange your existing artwork to create a professional looking product, or make your ideas into reality with original artwork, creative copy and distinctive packaging.

If you, your musical group or organization need a professional designed package for your product, CD mastering or the development of a website to promote your offering, contact us for a no obligation consultation.

With A Voice Of Singing CD
'With A Voice Of Singing' CD

Cloudy Dune Glow
Composite Photo
'Cloudy Dune Glow'


JS Design Group has all the tools needed to manipulate your photos to create unique, custom graphics for your website or a special touch for any project. View any of the sites that we've developed and you'll see examples of our work. We created virtually all the graphics, many through photo manipulation.

Additionally, we have a large collection of both standard and very unusual fonts that we can use for development of your unique logo, website or print graphics. We can also create a custom font just for you for the ultimate unique look for your project.

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