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Silver and Gold Have I None ...

But such as I have I give to thee ... As a part of our continuing effort to do our civic duty, one of the things that we do at JS Design is make a special effort to serve the non-profit community. To help meet the special needs of non-profits we offer deeply discounted rates for Web Page Design.
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We recently had the opportunity to design a site for the New England Coalition for Cancer Survivorships. This group had a variety of very good marketing materials that translated well to their website, and had previously worked with a designer who had given them all of his work on a CD. After a long series of discussions about what the group hoped to accomplish with their site, the development was relatively simple.

If your group has a quality brochure or pamphlet, it can provide the bulk of the information you need for your page. We will use it to develop a Web presence for your group or organization that you will be proud of, and will achieve the results you seek.

Please note that our offer is for design work only. Your organization will have to provide it's own Internet Service Provider (ISP), host and domain name or web address.

The ISP is basically the computer your computer dials into (using your existing phone lines) to connect to the Internet. There are local ISP's located everywhere -- check your local Yellow Pages or newspaper, or you can use one of the national services like America On Line, Erols, Compu-Serve, etc. Expect to pay approximately $20/mo. for service and possibly a one time set up or registration fee.

Your ISP may also provide hosting services for your web page for an additional fee, usually between $10-50 per month, again with some type of set-up fee. There are also thousands of companies across the globe offering hosting services for various prices. A host is the computer where your web pages electronically reside. It is a large computer with lots of phone lines attached. When someone on the Internet wants to see your web page, they enter your address and are connected to your host.

Additionally you will have to secure your domain name or web address. We can help in this process, but it is your responsibility. A domain name or web address is what people enter into their computer to get to your website, i.e. "www.yourorganization.org". You can can purchase a name for a various prices, ranging from $8 to $30. You will want to get the best name available -- most common names are taken. Once you buy it, just as long as you pay the renewal fee every year, you own it. You can change hosts, you can close your site for a while, you can sell it, rent it, whatever. It is yours.

Also, if you want to include color photographs on your site, they must already be on disk or on-line. Otherwise, you will have to pay the cost of scanning your photos (prices vary).

Even with these modest limitations, this is a very generous offer, and you may justifiably wonder why we would do such a thing. Two reasons; first, we enjoy contributing to our community, and, as Peter says in Acts 3:6, 'Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have I give Thee...'. We are designers, you need designs, we give you designs.

The second reason is more pragmatic-- the more Web Pages and Sites we get out on the Web for various clients, the more exposure we have, and the more business we generate from paying customers. Also, if you like our work, chances are you will mention it to a friend, professional acquaintance or a business owner who serves on your board. It's as simple as that.

So if you are interested in putting up a web page and have quality materials and a good idea of what you want to do, we ask you to answer a few questions and we'll contact you shortly. Simply CLICK HERE for our simple questionnaire.

For many organizations the biggest cost factor in creating a web page is the development of basic copy and marketing concepts. If your group does not already have materials that can translate into a web page we offer Design Consultation for marketing materials, such as brochures, at very reasonable prices. If your group or organization has been thinking about a web page but don't know where to start, and would like to discuss your needs, you can send us an e-mail telling us you'd like to talk by CLICKING HERE.

There is no cost or obligation involved with this initial consultation.

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