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The Real Estate Industry Has Changed ...

And we can help keep you in the forefront with a website that tells your unique story. Whether you seek to showcase a unique property, your agency or as an agent, seek to develop your career, JS Design can help.

JS Design Group is also expert in the design and production of coordinating print materials, including brochures, print advertising and even complete multi medium real estate marketing programs. We have been designing print materials for over twenty years and actually began as a specialized real estate marketing company.

Here we feature links to three real estate sites. To see them simply click on a logo. The first is to a small, boutique agency, Rimbach, Realtors, that specializes in Brewster and the surrounding Cape Cod towns and a small area of Tampa, in Florida.

Rimbach, Realtors
Click Here to Visit Rimbach, Realtors

The owner of the agency wanted a simple, inexpensive site and contacted JS Design for the work. The purpose of the site was to project the image that the agency was honest and down to earth, but up to date with the latest technology.

JS Design created a small website using the agency's existing marketing materials, delivering the project for well under $500. If you are an agent looking to establish your crediblity, you might consider a site like this -- simple and inexpensive, expandable as your career grows.

Our second site is dedicated to the marketing of a single historic property, the MCI Radio Station, located in the exclusive village of Chatham, on Cape Cod. This site is deep and complex. It offers a detailed history of the property, including vintage photos from the earliest days of 'wireless' communication, a variety of detailed maps, subdivision plans, photo galleries and demographic information about the town.

Global Passages Unlimited
Click Here to Global Passages Unlimited

The broker for this property used this web site in its advertising in the Wall Street Journal, The Times of London and other international media. Print advertising consisted of small display ads with a simple tease, designed to get interested parties to the web site. This approach allowed extensive print coverage at minimal expense.

If you have a special listing that deserves this level of marketing materials, contact JS Design. While this type of project is not inexpensive, your investment in a quality website will enable you to stretch your companion print advertising dollars. We can build you a site and design coordinated print materials that will help you sell your property.

Our third site, for Cape Cod Real Estate . Net, is an agency site that features company biographies, extensive information and demographics about the service area of the agency and detailed information on company listings.

Cape Cod Real Estate . Net
Click Here to Cape Cod Real Estate . Net

This site was designed prior to the easy availability of linking to the local MLS for listing information. There are currently available various password protected software modules that enable searching, etc., of the MLS database while keeping customers on your site.

JS Design Group designed this site for Cape Cod Real Estate . Net but we do not maintain sites. We work with the local MLS and various software suppliers to install the correct modules to insure complete functionality for your site, but your agency should train agents to update their own listings.

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