We believe your home is a reflection of your dreams. An integral part of your true being, it shows your attitude toward the planet and the other beings that live here.

The colors you choose to surround you are not just coatings on an inanimate surface existing on a plane distinct from your physical body and spirit. They are a point on a continuum, altering the energy levels of that which begins at the source of all light, flows into the physical universe and ultimately becomes part of you.


It is our desire to help you create and maintain a healing environment in your home using our HEALING LIGHTTM Color System, our unique selection of palettes of healing, natural and beautiful colors, applied in paints, fabrics, woods and fractal systems.

Our highly skilled and disciplined Masters select and apply your uniquely beneficial colors with mindful awareness and love, using only Earth friendly, all-natural materials which respect our global environment.

The HEALING LIGHTTM Color System is derived from recent Egyptian and Meso-American archeological discoveries, in line with ancient texts, Early Christian, Muslim and Buddhist beliefs about the spiritual meaning of color. Many of these traditional beliefs have been confirmed by recent scientific research on the physics of how color affects our physical body.