You are a unique being and so is your HEALING LIGHTTM Color System palette. Your colors have energy systems perfectly aligned with your physical body and spiritual nature.

Your unique palette is based on far more than your personal preferences -- it incorporates an analysis of your needs, wants and desires.


The uncovering of your personal palette involves your commitment of time and energy as well as ours. The process involves discussion, interview, multiple choice questionaires, on site assessment of your physical space (or plans), meditation and prayer. The process is time consuming and cannot be rushed -- all things must be done in their time, properly and in order.

There may be certain issues you need to clarify for yourself, or possibly with the assistance of others -- our practice involves color, light and nutrition, not psychotherapy or spiritual counseling.

The cost of uncovering your HEALING LIGHTTM colors will vary based on the time involved. There will be an initial deposit of $1,250 (US) required, all travel expenses and time will be paid by you and all fees are based on an hourly rate of $225 (US) per hour.

The first step in the process of developing your palette is to contact us by [] or going to our CONTACT page.